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It is now January and our board year is half over. At this time I wish to take this opportunity to outline your board’s activity over the last 6 months and provide a sneak peak at some the plans for the remaining 6 months. In June, we initiated a new 3 year plan which focused on growth of the organization through aggressive new member campaigns, membership retention and continuously improving value to our members through better dinner programs, re launch of seminars, development of a mentorship program and continuous improvement in our communication protocols to members which we hope will lead to better brand recognition.

So far this year we launched a new member campaign over the summer, paid particular attention to program content and are looking to upgrade our web site and CRM capabilities. Over the next two years we plan to re introduce seminars, possibly in partnership with the mega committee and develop a mentorship program with the assistance of the improved CRM functionality. Over the next two years we plan to...   Read more

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One of the nation’s largest and most active ISM affiliates!

ISM-Philadelphia has served the purchasing and supply management professionals of the Greater Philadelphia area since 1915. The local association is a not-for-profit professional educational association, affiliated with the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) and offers seminars and educational meeting programs designed to meet the needs of today’s supply management professionals. Read more...

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2018-19 Board of Directors Nominations
Any Regular Member interested in serving on the ISM-Philadelphia 2018-19 Board of Directors should contact the Nominating Committee at office@ism-phila.org or 215-878-3389. Elections will be held at the ISM-Philadelphia May Dinner Meeting on May 10, 2018
New Corporate Sponsorship Program

Attention fellow members! Your Vendor Relations Committee is launching a new Corporate Sponsorship Program, providing vendors many ways to connect and engage with our members. Options include Dinner Meeting sponsors and Monthly Networking Event sponsors, plus Premium Video-Dinner Sponsorships on our ISM-Philadelphia training videos. To learn more about our Corporate Sponsor Program, email contact Ken Chan or click here for more information.

Supply Management Certificate Program - Penn State Abington
Philadelphia Institute of Supply Management® affiliate members get a 10% discount. CLICK HERE for more information.

ERP / SAP Training

Penn State University offers an Enterprise Resource Training curriculum with SAP Certification at their Abington and other campuses. Details on their website. CLICK HERE for more information.

Director's Blog

Economic Outlook
By Allen Riddick

As the United States prepares for its next president into term many are concerned of America’s current state and how the future economic outlook will reflect with in supply chain and procurement.  Many believe that there are several factors that indicate the economy may be headed on track to a positive spiral.  This in turn could yield to a higher demand for commodities and fulfillment.   Let’s discuss!

One area to converse is the recent wage increase that has occurred in 2017.  Between 2015 and 2016, the United States had experienced a decreasing trend within wage rates for employees.  For the first time in three years, America has experienced wage growth.  As a result with additional dollars in consumer’s hands, more spending could be anticipated.  This is a good sign!

As many already know, the consumer is the most important aspect of any economic outlook.  The better the position of the consumer will yield a higher chance of an economic uptick.   It is anticipated that this year’s Holiday spending will average at about 1.4% higher than the previous.   Also, industries such food services are expected to rise at 3.7%.

Forbes Magazine recently stated that despite recent decline in the PMI, the PMI has been increasing when compared from year to year.   Although only a slight increase, manufacturing recovery and growth could be at the horizon!



Welcome New Members!

  • Ikhlas Manzur, Drexel University
  • Williiam J. Meier, Penn State University
  • Rajiv Kumar Gupta, Right Sourcing Solutions, Ltd.
  • Cuiying Zhang, Temple University

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January '17 PMITMat 59.1%

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