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Spring is in the air – finally! We have a few more events scheduled for this year, including the Diversity event in April, the May dinner meeting focusing on contract terms and conditions, and the June dinner meeting where we will introduce the incoming board. This should end the year on a high note.
As mentioned previously, ISM CEO Tom Derry was the keynote speaker at the March mega meeting. He discussed in some detail the PMI and NMI and how this data is an indicator on the current state of the ecomony.
He also stressed the importance of education and how that enables us to grow in our chosen profession.


Interestingly, I will be attending the ISM conference in Nashville this year. I look forward to networking with members from other affiliates. In addition, I am eager to hear more from the keynote speakers with their insight on relevant supply chain topics. It should be quite the learning experience.
As for ISM Philadelphia, we are in the planning stages for next year’s events.  We want to encourage our members’ growth, and we facilitate that by
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Welcome to ISM-Philadelphia

One of the nation’s largest and most active ISM affiliates!

ISM-Philadelphia has served the purchasing and supply management professionals of the Greater Philadelphia area since 1915. The local association is a not-for-profit professional educational association, affiliated with the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) and offers seminars and educational meeting programs designed to meet the needs of today’s supply management professionals. Read more...

Latest News & Annoucements

2018-2019 Notice of Board of Directors Slate of Nominees

President: Rene Polutan, C.P.M. 
1st Vice President: Erica S. A. Patterson, M.A., M.M.
Treasurer: Ron Heere 
Past President: Jim Moran - C.P.M.; CPSM; CPCM; CCMAP

Craig Campbell
Frank Podlasinski, CPSM
Allen Riddick 
Chris Robert, CPSM
Frank Juhasz
Steven Schwartz, C.P.M., CPSM, A.P.P.
Rea Tachdjian, C.P.M.


Elections will be held at the ISM-Philadelphia May Dinner Meeting on May 10, 2018

Blockchain in Manufacturing: Enhancing Trust and Cutting Costs 
Blockchain technology is poised to disrupt manufacturing by redesigning inefficient supply chain management and trade finance processes. Discover how your organization can benefit ‐ download the whitepaper HERE 

New Corporate Sponsorship Program

Attention fellow members! Your Vendor Relations Committee is launching a new Corporate Sponsorship Program, providing vendors many ways to connect and engage with our members. Options include Dinner Meeting sponsors and Monthly Networking Event sponsors, plus Premium Video-Dinner Sponsorships on our ISM-Philadelphia training videos. To learn more about our Corporate Sponsor Program, email contact Ken Chan or click here for more information.

Supply Management Certificate Program - Penn State Abington
Philadelphia Institute of Supply Management® affiliate members get a 10% discount. CLICK HERE for more information.

ERP / SAP Training

Penn State University offers an Enterprise Resource Training curriculum with SAP Certification at their Abington and other campuses. Details on their website. CLICK HERE for more information.

Director's Blog

Certification: Why should I obtain Certification? Will it help improve my skills, my Career?
By Jim Moran

What Certifications are available from the Institute for Supply Management?
The Institute for Supply Management ® (ISM) offers two certifications: The Certified Professional in Supply Management ® (CPSM) and the Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity ® (CPSD)
Note that within both certifications, the word Professional appears. This would mean, should you obtain the certification, that you have obtained an understanding of your profession that will translate into valuable skill sets that employers are looking for to assist their companies.

Are the Certifications valid?
ISM uses a 3rd party professional learning organization that is respected on a global basis to certify the certification testing content as  ... Read More


Welcome New Members!

  • Thomas Reichelt, Penn State University
  • Evan Blum, Temple University
  • Max Hunn, Temple University
  • Thaddeus Picklo, West Chester University
  • Laura Quintaes Vieira de Souza, Temple University
  • Roman Szewczuk, Temple University
  • Steven Osherow, CenterPoint Group, LLC

Economic Indicators

March '18 PMI at 59.3%

March '18 NMI at 59.5%

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EPG Program

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Procurement Articles

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Term of the Month

Supplier Diversity Program

A Supplier Diversity Program is a proactive business program which encourages the use of minority-owned, women owned, veteran owned, LGBT-owned, service disabled veteran owned, historically underutilized business and Small Business Administration (SBA)-defined small business concerns as suppliers.

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Area Events

ISM Fundamentals of Strategic Sourcing
June 12-13, 2018 | Philadelphia, PA

You have the fundamentals down, now it’s time to take the next step. This seminar is an excellent follow-up to the Fundamentals of Purchasing because it offers the knowledge you need to succeed as you grow in your supply management career. This strategic-focused seminar offers hands-on exercises using quadrant analysis and supplier evaluations. It also examines how to developing content for a service-related RFP.

You will learn:
Supply management strategy and techniques for developing a strategy
Key elements of negotiation
How to develop a strategic sourcing process
Supplier management methods
Cost management tools and techniques.

CLICK HERE, for more information.

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Which presidential administration is responsible for developing Supplier Diversity?