2018-19 Board of Directors

Rene Polutan, C.P.M.
Transport and Logistics Specialist

What Rene loves about ISM-Philly: 
The opportunity to network with folks from the same profession.

Fun fact about Rene: 
Rene is an avid collector of live music recordings. Have 10,000 hours - need more


1st Vice President:
Erica Patterson, M.A., M.M
Philadelphia Gas Works

What Erica loves about ISM-Philly: 
The diverse family oriented atmosphere and collaborative learning element that the members bring to the profession of Supply Chain Management.

Fun fact about Erica:
I am a Foodie and plan to travel to Dubai in the next two years.
  2nd Vice President:
Treasurer / Secretary:
Ronald Heere
Becton Dickinson & Company (BD)

What Ron loves about ISM-Philly:
The short commutes from his office to the dinner meetings.

Fun fact about Ron:
As "Mr Procurement", hosted bi-weekly conference calls with company worldwide Buyers answering anonymous questions to help in training and mentoring of 400+ person organization.
Immediate Past President:
Jim Moran, C.P.M., CPSM, CPCM, CCMAP

What Jim loves about ISM-Philly:
The chance to network with professional peers.

Fun fact about Jim:
Organized and led a cultural social club in college "The Gaelic Society".

Director of Employment and Academic Partnerships
Steven Schwartz CPM  CPSM
Arkema Inc

What Steve loves about ISM-Philly:
What I like about ISM Philly is the fact that they are out there recruiting, being available, and being a positive presence in the region.  With a couple of the recent past Presidents of the Chapter here at Arkema, I am aware of the involvement with Temple University, and also enjoy many of the functions and events put on by ISM Philly.  

Fun fact about Steve:
Although I have no formal musical education and cannot read music, I have been involved with a number of churches over the past 15 years as a sound operator – not just “mic on, mic off” to record sermons, but more involved in the music mixing and presentation.  
Director of Communications
Frank Juhasz
Dorman Products

What Frank loves about ISM-Philly
What I love about ISM Philadelphia is the learning and development opportunities that are afforded through membership. It was the first professional organization that I joined as a student. As a young professional who is just beginning their career, the organization has played a key role in my development by making it a priority to get students involved as much as possible. 

Fun fact about Frank:
Outside of work, one of my favorite passions is woodworking! I enjoy making small pieces of furniture and kitchen items like cutting boards and utensils. 
Director of Supplier Diversity Programs and Outreach
Craig Campbell
Philadelphia Gas Works

What Craig loves about ISM-Philly: 
I love the fact that ISM-Philly supports and promotes Supplier Diversity and is attempting to find new ways to connect and grow our diverse vendor pool as well as members.

Fun fact about Craig:
I have lived in South Florida, Northern Virginia, and Pennsylvania.
Director of Membership and Corporate Sponsorship:
Allen Riddick

What Allen loves about ISM-Philly:
Meeting procurement leaders from both small to Fortune 500 companies, learning different purchasing strategies and staying abreast of purchasing trends.
Fun fact about Allen:
Allen is a vintage music record collector and owns over 5,000 vinyl albums.
Director of Programs
Christopher Robert

What Chris loves about ISM-Philly:
I love the networking aspect of ISM Philly – you can meet people in all different areas of procurement and supply chain, but we all have similar stories on how we are driving procurement performance in our organizations.

Fun fact about Chris:
I once danced for 48 hrs straight at Penn State THON to raise money for kids with pediatric cancer. 
  Nominating Committee Chair: