December 2017

Executive Board's Message

With Thanksgiving behind us and the holidays fast approaching, I feel it is appropriate to take a moment to reflect and show appreciation on the many things we all can be thankful for.  We must remember to be grateful to the many opportunities we, as procurement professionals, have and will be presented to us in the future.

First and foremost, I realize how thankful I am for family. Family is the main support center for all that we do and all that we hope to do in the future. Second, I am thankful for the opportunities that I have been able to take advantage of through my membership in ISM such as opportunities to improve my personal knowledge base through education received from ISM-Philadelphia at the pre-dinner and dinner events, webinars available through ISM national, and networking events ISM-Philadelphia hosts monthly.

 I am also thankful for the awesome camaraderie and friendships I have developed with my fellow ISM-Philadelphia members.  I truly cherish everyone’s passion towards Supply Chain and thank you all for the guidance and support I have received since becoming a member in 2015. I am also thankful for the growth I have experienced in my job situation and advancements I have obtained over time as a result of my increased knowledge and improved competency level.   In my current role, I conducted only Supply Diversity related functions but now with the many skill sets, ideals and models I have adopted thru ISM, I am now beginning to manage strategic sourcing projects.  My first sourcing project resulted in 45% savings for my organization.

Bottom-line ISM-Philadelphia has added to my value, and I encourage all to continue to support, mentor, and engage with each other similar to how James Moran, William Hooker, Jim Haile, Danielle Lechette, Frank Cymbala and David Panzera have done with me.

Many Thanks and Happy Holidays! 

Rene Polutan, C.P.M.
1st  Vice President, ISM-Philadelphia
Transport and Logistics Specialist