Executive Board's Message

March 2016

Following the success of our 100-Year Anniversary event last December, your board is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity. Beginning in the fall of 2016, ISM-Philadelphia will be partnering with Penn State Abington to offer CPSM® exam preparation classes.
As we have emphasized over the past year, our founding charter is to promote education within the field of Supply Management from Materials Management to Supply Chain Management through Procurement and Strategic Sourcing. As such, we’ve long been a strong supporter of Supply Management certification.
In 1974 the Institute for Supply Management, our national organization, began offering Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) certifications. Over 53,000 individuals completed the program and attained this rank by 2008. At that time the C.P.M. certification was replaced by the Certified Professional in Supply Management® (CPSM®), which retained all of the C.P.M.’s rigor in Purchasing / Procurement / Strategic Sourcing, while adding depth in the areas of Supplier Relationship Management, Risk Management, Finance, Global Strategy and other critical topics. In 2011, ISM also introduced at Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity® (CPSD™) designation. In all, ISM has certified over 60,000 Supply Management professionals.
The CPSM® certification offers many advantages. First, it demonstrates that the holder has mastered the critical Supply Management topics necessary to succeed in today’s global environment. This is why so many hiring managers advertise their preference for CPSM® holders when posting Supply Management jobs. And they’re willing to pay for it! ISM’s 2015 Salary Survey suggests that CSPM® holders earn 7% more than Supply Management professionals with no certification. So a CPSM® is an important tool in distinguishing oneself from the competition.
May ISM-Philadelphia members already hold CPSM® certification. Many more have expressed interest in recent surveys. That’s why we are proud to partner with Penn State Abington to offer exam preparation courses this fall. Three three-week courses will be offered, one for each exam. And of course ISM-Philadelphia members will receive discounted enrollment. Interested in learning more about this training opportunity and value of a CPSM®? Watch for details on our website over the next few months! 


David Panzera, CPSM
ISM-Philadelphia President
Strategic Sourcing Manager
Arkema Inc.